Waxing & Sugaring

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At Renu Massage Therapy & Spa, we pride ourselves in using the most effective yet gentle low temperature waxes available.

Eyebrows $22.00 Chin or Lip or Sides of Face $17.00
Lip & Chin $25.00 Full Face Package $45.00
Underarms $22.00 Lower Arm $35.00
Chest $50.00 Upper or Lower Leg $37.00
Full Leg $60.00 Back $50.00
Bikini $30.00 Brazilian $57.00
Extended Bikini $35.00 Upper Leg & Bikini $60.00
Upper Leg & Brazilian $85.00 Full Leg & Bikini $80.00
Full Leg & Brazilian $110.00 Full Leg & Extended Bikini $85.00 

*Return for a Waxing appointment within 6 weeks and save 15% off your waxing service (Bikini, Brazilian and Extended Bikini)


Sugaring is an all-natural, safe and gentle method of removing unwanted hair in the natural direction of growth. Simply Sugar™ is safe for all skin types. This unique product is made from natural ingredients; sugar, lemon and water and is environmentally friendly. One of the benefits of Sugaring is that hair can be removed at 1/8th of an inch, as opposed to ¼ of an inch with waxing. It not only removes unwanted hair but it also removes dead skin cells revealing smooth, healthy glowing skin.

Underarms $27.00 Lower Arms $40.00
Lip or Chin or Sides of Face $22.00 Brazilian $65.00
Bikini $35.00 Extended Bikini $42.00
Face *no brows* $45.00 Back $60.00
Lip AND Chin Package $30.00 Chest $60.00

*Return for a Sugaring appointment within 6 weeks and save 15% off your Sugaring service (Bikini, Brazilian and Extended Bikini)