Relaxation Massage

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Massage Therapy Ottawa

Enjoy a relaxation massage. On its own, or added to a treatment, close your eyes and escape as the tension and stress is erased from your body and mind. All of our massages include Aromatherapy blends to promote physical and mental well being. Choose from our 100% Pure personalized blends (scent free oils also available)

Relaxation Massage Pricing

50 Minute Massage $75.00
Hot Stone Therapy add $10.00

*Please note that an insurance receipt will NOT be provided for relaxation massages as they are preformed by estheticians* 

 Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage 

Practiced in India for over 1,000 years, Indian Head Massage will relax your mind, body and soul. Our Estheticians will treat not only the scalp, but also the hands, arms, chest, neck and shoulders to relieve stress and muscle tension. With a combination of warm essential oils and warm towels used on the scalp. This ancient ayurvedic healing treatment will leave you feeling truly renewed.

30 Minute Massage $59.00

*Please note that an insurance receipt will NOT be provided for Indian Head Massages as they are preformed by estheticians*