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As of March 21st, 2022 the province of Ontario will be removing the mask mandate from most public settings.  Please note that the province has delayed removing the mask mandate for all Health Care settings until April 27th, 2022.  All Registered Massage Therapy settings have been classified as Healthcare Settings. We ask that you please continue to wear an appropriate mask while visiting Renu for all services until this date. Your health and the health of our employees is our number one priority.
We continue to follow all the regulations and procedures outlined by the Ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines, as well as guidelines from the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Booking Appointments and COVID-19 Screening:

All clients are required to make a reservation by phone or email as walk-ins will not be allowed during this time.

Prior to your appointment, when you receive your appointment reminder, you will also receive a COVID-19 health screening questionnaire to confirm that you are in good health.

If you have any signs or symptoms, let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment for when you are no longer symptomatic and outside of the 14-day period of contact.  If you develop symptoms after completing the screening form, contact us immediately and we will reschedule your appointment.

Any required treatment related forms including a COVID-19 Screening will be sent via email to be completed prior to your visit.


Arriving for your Appointment:

All Clients must wear a mask before entering the Spa and for the duration of your visit. Cloth (washable/reusable) or surgical grade masks are acceptable. All of our staff will be wearing surgical masks at all times. Masks will be worn by both clients and practitioners for the duration of your treatment.

We ask that you arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment and not earlier. We ask that you wait outside (weather permitting) or in your vehicle.

Upon entering the Spa, you will be great by a staff member that will screen you for COVID-19 symptoms. Once confirmed that no symptoms are present, all clients will be required to sanitize their hands. We have installed physical guards at our reception desk so that you can check-in and pay for your appointment safely.  

We will no longer be serving coffee, tea or water and ask that you don’t bring in any outside food or beverage.

Your Appointment:

During your appointment, your practitioner will be wearing all necessary PPE for your treatment, as laid out in Ontario Public Health guidelines as well as the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario guidelines. You will also be required to keep your mask on for the duration of the treatment.

All linen and treatment related supplies are single use.

After your appointment, we ask that you sanitize your hands before leaving the treatment room.

All treatment related and non-treatment related surfaces will be cleaned with VIROX cleaning supplies that have a 1-minute kill time for COVID-19. Our cleaning procedures in the treatment rooms will include the treatment tables, headrests, stools, doorknobs, light switches, chairs, pillows, sink and taps other furniture and all equipment using the “wipe twice” method.  All of our cleaning procedures will be maintained regularly throughout the day and be documented.